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Date: August 24-30, 2026
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It’s the next BIG ONE!

Every 3-4 years there is an international dragon boat festival specifically for Breast Cancer Survivors.  In 2026 this festival is scheduled to be held in Aix-les-Bains, France on the shores of Lac du Bourget, France’s largest natural glacial lake.

This great event happening in August, 2026 will include week-long celebrations, demonstrations, workshops, and social events culminating in three days of intense activity aimed at awareness and dialogue within the large international community of breast-cancer paddlers.  The festival is held under the auspices of the International Breast Cancer Paddlers’ Commission (IBCPC) of which there are 320 member teams from 37 countries.

Many Hearts of Steel team members have attended at least one, some two or three of these festivals in the past.  All will tell you there is nothing like it.  From the opening ceremonies to the parade of nations to the closing ceremonies (and oh, yeah, some fierce competition on the water!) you are among thousands of survivors and their supporters.  It is a celebration of life, survivorship, strength, and unity that becomes a highlight of one’s life.  Over 100 teams from across the globe typically participate and the camaraderie is heartwarming and uplifting.

Dragon boat racing in general and this race, in particular, helps to put cancer in the rearview mirror and gives one a sense of their own good fortune.

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